Katarina Tkaczyszyn is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist specializing in public performance, installation and electronic media.

Katarina Tkaczyszyn began her career making visceral public work in 2012 that focused on pressing active interventions within the public sphere. Since the beginning of 2013, her work has aimed to propel viewers toward a conflicted state of fascination and aversion, largely due to the imposition of unethical terms. 

Exceedingly interested around the temporal nature of life itself, Tkaczyszyn's works tend to disappear shortly after coming into being. Her art has evolved to question and affirm the notion of every thing establishing its own existence and personal standing, and where the desire for continuity, longevity and immortality is universally pertinent and an obsessive exertion. She is known for using organic elements of the environment because of their natural inclination to decay. 

There is a fluidity within Tkaczyszyn’s art, as she examines the conceptual framework under which all beings of the earth hold a ubiquitous desire to be acknowledged by other beings during their lifetime. Exceedingly interested around the temporal nature of life itself, her art often hints at a transformative process which she initiates; where the subjects of her work become recognized beings that conclusively carry meaning and purpose.

Her work emerges from questions about the circumstances under which humans come to be authorized to state their opinions, impose upon, and add to the composition of a form of identity by contributing to another identity’s life narrative. Tkaczyszyn regards the concept of identity as perpetually shifting, and where authenticity of identity ultimately becomes increasingly muddled or displaced when multiple and unwelcomed perspectives become involved.

Tkaczyszyn was recently awarded the 2017 Artengine Prize for Excellence in New Media. She currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario.